Monday, February 11, 2013

Day Too
 - too good to sit on the ground!

Last night a lot of happy pilots - even ML who landed in a strip SOuth of Mokai was a happy chappy and winner of this mornings lollipop.

The day is turning out better than forecast. (its now 1:30pm)
The Tasking Panel spent a lot of time massaging a task for bothe better and worse than forecast and decided on an AAT.

3 hours
Minimum 173km - maximum 335km
Kawerau with a 20km circle
Tiverton 500 metres
Pureora with a 20km circle
Then home via the Aratiatia control point.
The voice of the competition- Radio man Tim Norman
Tourist flights in and around Mt Tarawer might get to see some racing gliders on their way in and out of the Kawerau circle.

Airways have nicely given us a bunch of airspace so the team can fly around up to 6500ft in some chunks of controlled airspace.

Just a reminder that the scores and traces of each flight is available at Scoring Spot

Its lovely here in Taupo. Last night yours truly went for dinner in the street of the restaurants  and bars.
At least a dozen choices of places to eat from Kiwi tucker to Indian, Asian etc.
Happy to be able help a couple of tourists who where looking for the hotpools. Of course they are on the way to the airfield.

So off to check the positions of the gliders who are just starting.

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